Recommended Reading

The Evolution of the Honey Bee Colony as a Superorganism

  • The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism (2008), by Jürgen Tautz
    • Accurate portrayal of the lives of bees as individuals and the function of the superorganism
  • The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting (1999), by Eva Crane
  • Honey Bee Ecology (1985), by Thomas Seeley
  • The Social Behavior of the Bees (1974), by Charles Michener

Wild Bees

How Honey Bees Communicate

  • Honey Bee Democracy (2010), by Thomas Seeley
    • Learn how swarms "decide" replete with graphic data and qualitative insight.
  • Pheromones of Social Bees (2000), by J.B. Free
  • The Dancing Bees (1953), by Karl von Frisch

Honey Bee Biology

  • The Hive and the Honey Bee (2015), by L.L. Langstroth et al.
  • Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping (2013), by Dewey Caron and Lawrence Connor
  • Bees and Beekeeping: Science, Practice, and World Resources (1990), by Eva Crane
  • The Biology of the Honey Bee (1987), by Mark Winston

Natural History

  • Bees: A Natural History (2013), by Christopher O’Toole
    • Beautiful large format photo book with easy to digest info
  • Bee (2010), by Rose-Lynn Fisher
    • electron microscope photo book of bees



  • The Beekeeper’s Handbook, Fourth Edition (2011), by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile
    • Clear, logical how-to beekeeping manual and reference book
  • Honey Bee Parasites, Pests and Predators & Diseases (2005), by Penn State College of Agricultural Services
    • small spiral-bound field guide with identification photos and info of many pests & diseases impacting honey bees
  • Backyard Beekeeper: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden (2005), by Kim Flottum
    • helpful photos of basic beekeeping techniques