About The Institute

We need bees and other pollinators...

Bee CARE Institute is founded on the idea that preserving the honeybee and other pollinators is key to human survival on the planet.

Honey bees and other pollinators face overwhelming challenges to thriving into the future. Our mission is to build a community that is involved and educated to sustainably conserve and support these vital creatures and to better understand how to address their needs in a changing world.

A research and education institution Bee CARE institute has a threefold trajectory:

  • We educate beekeepers at all levels on the art and science of responsible and responsive beekeeping based on our belief that well educated beekeepers will result in more successful and sustainable honey bee colonies and less impact on other pollinator communities.
  • We perform effective outreach to the larger community through publications, lectures, events & materials distribution to involve and inform concerned citizens on the state of honey bees & other pollinators and about what can be done to provide a healthy environment that will help honey bees and other pollinators to flourish.
  • We perform meaningful research to better understand pollinator communities, develop strains of honeybees better able to survive and thrive in these changing times, develop best management practices using a variety of equipment and approaches in different climates worldwide, and developing effective pedagogy in apiology.

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