Group Classes

At Aylsham Community Gym we have a number of group classes to help motivate us. Classes include:

  • Stretching and toning with Annette. Using weighted bars and other equipment. Currently 5.30pm Wednesdays.
  • Yoga with Sonya Powley, gentle introduction to Yoga. Currently 6pm on Thursdays.
  • Kettle Bell Class, all over strength and fitness in a varied class to target different muscle groups and aerobic fitness. 10am Sundays.
  • Pilates with Jo Norton or Claire Gurney. Monday evenings currently 6pm.
  • 'Pump and Tone', with Paul. Good all round workout with weights. Also Monday evenings. currently 5.15pm.

For more details and times of our current classes please speak to one of the trainers or contact us via email, face book or phone. All in house classes are included in the monthly membership fee.

There is an additional £2 fee for Yoga and Pilates sessions as these are run by external specialist teachers.