Procedural Creativity (Saturday 10:30am - 12:00pm)

Session Chair: Arnav Jhala

Oral Presentation

  • Jo Mazeika and Jim Whitehead. Solving for Bespoke Game Assets: Applying Style to 3D Generative Artifacts
  • Gillian Smith. Generative Design for Textiles: Opportunities and Challenges for Entertainment AI
  • Sam Snodgrass, Adam Summerville and Santiago Ontañón. Studying the Effects of Training Data on Machine Learning-based Procedural Content Generation

Doctoral Consortium

  • Carolyn Elizabeth Lamb. Crowdsourced Social Media Poetry
  • Britton Horn. A Skill-Based Framework for the Generation and Presentation of Educational Videogame Content
  • April Grow. Cooperative Creativity Support Tools for Computational Crafting

AIIDE Founders' Panel (Saturday 1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Moderator: Brian Magerko

Discussants: Ian Davis, John Laird, Michael van Lent, Jonathan Schaeffer, R. Michael Young

Formal Models (Saturday 2:30pm - 3:40pm)

Session Chair: Adam Smith

Oral Presentation

  • Albert Julius Liu and Steve Marschner. Balancing Zero-Sum Games with One Variable per Strategy
  • Markus Eger and Chris Martens. Practical Specification of Belief Manipulation in Games
  • Joseph C. Osborn, Brian Lambrigger and Michael Mateas. HyPED: Modeling and Analyzing Action Games as Hybrid Systems

Doctoral Consortium

  • Anderson Rocha Tavares. Algorithm Selection in Zero-Sum Computer Games

Agents & Robots I (Saturday 4:00pm - 4:50pm)

Session Chair: Kristy Boyer

Oral Presentation

  • Lauren Winston and Brian Magerko. Turn-Taking with Improvisational Co-Creative Agents
  • Filipa Correia, Patrícia Alves-Oliveira, Tiago Ribeiro, Francisco S. Melo and Ana Paiva. A social robot as a card game player

Doctoral Consortium

  • Duri Long. Pre-Learning Experiences with Co-Creative Agents in Museums

Narrative (Sunday 10:30am - 12:00pm)

Session Chair: Andrew Gordon

Oral Presentation

  • Alireza Shirvani, Stephen G. Ware, and Rachelyn Farrell. A Possible Worlds Model of Belief for State-Space Narrative Planning
  • Rachelyn Farrell and Stephen G. Ware. Influencing User Choices in Interactive Narratives using Indexter's Pairwise Event Salience Hypothesis
  • Sasha Azad, Jingyang Xu, Haining Yu and Boyang Li. Scheduling Live Interactive Narratives with Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

Doctoral Consortium

  • David R. Winer. Towards Expressive Automated Storytelling Systems
  • Lucas N. Ferreira and Jim Whitehead. MTG: Context-based Music Composition for Tabletop Role-playing Games

Search (Sunday 1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Session Chair: Clark Verbrugge

Oral Presentation

  • Edward J. Powley, Peter I. Cowling and Daniel Whitehouse. Memory Bounded Monte Carlo Tree Search
  • Nicolas A. Barriga, Marius Stanescu and Michael Buro. Combining Strategic Learning and Tactical Search in Real-Time Strategy Games
  • Devon Sigurdson and Vadim Bulitko. Deep Learning for Real-time Heuristic Search Algorithm Selection

Playable Experiences Panel (Sunday 2:30pm - 3:40pm)

Moderator: Mike Treanor

  • Nicholas Warren, Mason Reed and Adam M. Smith. Proofdoku
  • Pablo Ortiz, Laurel Carney, Loren Sherman, Elizabeth Carré, Nadya Vivatvisha, and D. Fox Harrell. Chimeria: Grayscale
  • Paola Mardo and Andrew Gordon. Traveler
  • Joris Dormans. Unexplored
  • Barrie Robison, Spencer Gomez, Samantha Heck, Landon Wright and Terence Soule. Darwin’s Demons

Agents & Robots II (Sunday 4:00 - 4:40pm)

Session Chair: Stephen Ware

Oral Presentation

  • Kory W. Mathewson and Piotr Mirowski. Improvised Theatre Alongside Artificial Intelligences

Doctoral Consortium

  • Markus Eger. Intentional Agents for Epistemic Games
  • Leonid Berov. Character Focused Narrative Models for Computational Storytelling

Machine Learning (Monday 10:30am - 11:50am)

Session Chair: Magy Seif El-Nasr

Oral Presentation

  • Jonathan Campbell and Clark Verbrugge. Learning Combat in NetHack
  • Zeming Lin, Jonas Gehring, Vasil Khalidov and Gabriel Synnaeve. STARDATA: A StarCraft AI Research Dataset
  • Lucas Hanke and Luiz Chaimowicz. A Recommender System for Hero Line-ups in MOBA Games
  • Wookhee Min, Bradford Mott, Jonathan Rowe, Robert Taylor, Eric Wiebe, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer and James Lester. Multimodal Goal Recognition in Open-World Digital Games

Poster Presentations (Sunday 6:30pm - 8:00pm):

  • David Winer and R. Michael Young. Merits of Hierarchical Story and Discourse Planning with Merged Languages
  • Matthew Stephenson, Jochen Renz and Xiaoyu Ge. The Computational Complexity of Angry Birds and Similar Physics-Simulation Games
  • Pengcheng Wang, Jonathan Rowe, Wookhee Min, Bradford Mott and James Lester. Simulating Player Behavior for Data-Driven Interactive Narrative Personalization
  • Brian Hart, Derek Hart, Russell Gayle, Fred Oppel, Patrick Xavier and Jonathan Whetzel. Dante Agent Architecture for Force-On-Force Wargame Simulation & Training
  • Anurag Sarkar and Seth Cooper. Level Difficulty and Player Skill Prediction in Human Computation Games
  • Joseph Alexander Brown, Jooyoung Lee and Nikita Kraev. Reputation Systems for Non-Player Character Interactions Based on Player Actions
  • Yaser Norouzzadeh Ravari, Pieter Spronck, Rafet Sifa and Anders Drachen. Predicting Victory in a Hybrid Online Competitive Game: The Case of Destiny
  • Yihuan Dong and Tiffany Barnes. Evaluation of a Template-based Puzzle Generator for an Educational Programming Game
  • John Drake, Alla Safonova and Maxim Likhachev. Towards Adaptability of Demonstration-Based Training of NPC Behavior
  • Corey Clark and Anthony Fleshner. Fast Random Genetic Search for Large-Scale RTS Combat Scenarios
  • Sara Bunian, Alessandro Canossa, Randy Colvin and Magy Seif El-Nasr. Modeling Individual Differences in Game Behavior using HMM
  • Matthew Stephenson and Jochen Renz. Creating a Hyper-Agent for Solving Angry Birds Levels
  • Markus Viljanen, Antti Airola, Jukka Heikkonen, and Tapio Pahikkala. A/B-Test of Retention and Monetization Using the Cox Model
  • Mário Escarce Junior, Georgia Rossmann Martins, Leandro Soriano Marcolino and Yuri Tavares Dos Passos. Emerging Sounds Through Implicit Cooperation: A Novel Model for Dynamic Music Generation
  • Julio Cesár Bahamón and R. Michael Young. An Empirical Evaluation of a Generative Method for the Expression of Personality Traits through Action Choice
  • Mina Abdi Oskouie and Vadim Bulitko. Robustness of Real-time Heuristic Search Algorithms to Read/Write Error in Externally Stored Heuristics
  • Rushit Sanghrajka, Daniel Hidalgo, Patrick Chen and Mubbasir Kapadia. LISA: Lexically Intelligent Story Assistant
  • Rafael R. Padovani, Lucas N. Ferreira and Levi H. S. Lelis. Bardo: Emotion-Based Music Recommendation for Tabletop Role-Playing Games
  • Rachelyn Farrell and Stephen G. Ware. Causal Link Semantics for Narrative Planning Using Numeric Fluents

Demos (Sunday 6:30pm - 8:00pm):

  • Hang Ma, Jingxing Yang, Liron Cohen, T. K. Satish Kumar and Sven Koenig. Moving Teams of Agents in Formation in Congested Video Game Environments
  • Edward J. Powley, Mark J. Nelson, Swen Gaudl, Simon Colton, Blanca Pérez Ferrer, Rob Saunders, Peter Ivey and Michael Cook. Wevva: Democratising Game Design