AI4LAM is an international, participatory community focused on advancing the use of artificial intelligence in, for and by libraries, archives and museums.

Community call: November 15, 2022

Join us 15 November from 15:00 UCT (8 AM California | 11 AM Washington DC | 16:00 UK | 17:00 Oslo & Paris | 01:00 (+1) Sydney). We'll be learning all about datasets & model sharing, with talks on HTR-United and a Huggingface datasets demo. More details, including the joining link can be found on the agenda.

AI4LAM 2022 Virtual Event

November 30, December 1, December 2 - multiple sessions to suit all time zones.

Please register now to attend our 2022 Virtual Event, featuring a wide variety of speakers, discussions, and workshops. Full details and registration can be found here.


Contribute to the ai4lam registry : go read our blogpost

The « AI Registry » pages are collaborative pages… So feel free to add contents directly with the Google Form: everybody can contribute!

You can add projects, activities, and organizations related to artificial intelligence in libraries, archives, and museums.

You can also add datasets and models readily available for reuse in your own AI.

Conferences: Fantastic Futures

Every year the community ai4lam meets at a conference called "Fantastic Futures"

The first one was in 2018 organized by the National library of Norway in Oslo, the second was in 2019 organized by the Stanford University Libraries and the third one was in 2021 organized at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.

For more informations:

Conference in the National library of Norway

Conference in Stanford University libraries

Conference in the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Community Calls

ai4lam holds open community calls on the third Tuesday of each month at 8 AM PT | 11 AM ET | 4 PM UK | 5 PM CET. Join the ai4lam Slack or the Google Group for connection information.

We have working groups! Have a look at the "Working Groups" section to get more information. It is up to you now!

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