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We can't wait to announce our 4th Fantastic Futures Conference. Watch this space to be the first to know the dates, announcements, and program of our next Fantastic Futures.

Previous conferences:

3rd International Conference on AI for Libraries, Archives, and Museums

December 9-10, 2021 at the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Community Calls

Since April 2020, AI4LAM has hosted a series of Community Calls to foster exchange of information and to inspire to collaboration and new ideas. The calls comes at every third Tuesday of the month, at 8 AM California | 11 AM Washington DC | 4 PM UK | 17:00 Oslo & Paris | 22:00 Novosibirsk.

Community Calls are open to everyone. To view the recordings of past meetings, see the Community Calls section of this website. To receive announcements about upcoming calls, subscribe to the AI4LAM Google group. The announcement will include a linked online agenda. Fill in your name in the document and follow the included zoom-link.

Slides from previous calls are available in this publicly shared "Look Book."


Applying and deploying AI in GLAMS
The ai4lam Teaching and Learning Workgroup, with LIBER,
offered 5 workshops in March-April 2021

The AI4LAM community and LIBER Europe are excited to announce a brand new workshop series on the topic of ‘Applying and deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in GLAMs’.

5 online workshops will take place from the 29th of March to 2 April 2021. The workshops are organised by AI4LAM (Teaching and Learning Working Group) and co-hosted by LIBER and the BnF.

The aim of the workshops is to provide training opportunities for those interested in applying and deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Libraries, Galleries, Archives, and Museums.

The series will bring together a diverse community of experts with subject and domain expertise, as well as technologists across GLAM institutions for a collaborative learning event to share tools and experiences and to reflect on the process of applying AI and its implications for GLAM institutions.

You can find the details of each workshop here: