3 June 2022 • Ilona Caly

We plan to create a French-speaking chapter within the ai4lam community . (there is an English summary on the post)

Au sein de la communauté AI4LAM, nous envisageons de créer un chapitre francophone pour favoriser le dialogue transversal, l’information et partage de compétences au sein de la communauté francophone des GLAM tout en nous intéressant aux enjeux spécifiques à cet écosystème (approches culturelles, corpus d’entraînement des IA…). Pour en savoir plus.

30 May 2022 • Ilona Caly

The AI4LAM Teaching and Learning Working Group recently shared the draft of their review of AI teaching resources focused on GLAMs. Read more.

18 March 2022 • Ilona Caly

The AI Registry pages are collaborative pages where everybody can contribute to enrich it with projects or datasets to make these pages an even more useful and efficient tool. The purpose of these pages is to help members finding people with whom they can share the same goals, tackle the same difficulties or reuse the same tools or data. Read more.

The AI4LAM Working Group on Teaching & Learning set out to explore pedagogical approaches and delivery mechanisms and to review available resources for teaching and learning AI. Over the past year they conducted a survey of existing training opportunities and generated a summary. Read more.

20 September 2021 • Ingrid Monson, Katherine Jarvie, and Alexis Tindall

The AI4LAM AU & NZ chapter is a network of technologists, tech enthusiasts and the tech curious from across the local libraries, archives, museums and related communities in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in how AI in all its various guises shapes our practice and our users’ expectations. Learn more about what the chapter is up to and how you can join.

30 July 2021 • Claudia Engel, Stanford University

Fellows from across the United States participated in a one-week institute at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in July. Learn more about the growing community of library professional engaged in AI.

16 June 2021

Five workshops took place from the 29th of March to 2 April 2021. The workshops were organized by the Teaching and Learning Working Group of AI4LAM and co-hosted by LIBER and the BnF. See the full workshop summary and links.

9 June 2021 • Glen Worthey, Associate Director for Research Support Services, HathiTrust Research Center

In this inaugural AI4LAM blog post, Glen Worthey introduces the AEOLIAN project, a collaboration between US and UK cultural organizations to make digital collections more accessible with the use of AI. See the full post.