This page provides key information that parents/guardians will need to know for the Scouting year.


Parent assistance is always welcomed, especially in your child's younger years. Parents can assist at meetings, camps, special events, fundraisers, behind the scenes, and even on our Group Committee. Please ask your Section Scouters on ways you can assist or you can CLICK HERE to let us know that you would like to assist.


As part of Scouts Canada’s online registration system, each parent/guardian needs to have their own Scouts Canada account created on which will allow you to do the following:

  1. Register your children in Scouting each year;
  2. Access and update your children’s contact & medical information on a regular basis;
  3. Provide your own parent/guardian contact & medical information which is required when a parent goes on an outing with the group (eliminates filling out paper forms for each outing);
  4. Enables parents/guardians to take the required "Safe Scouting For Parents" training on-line if you are helping out at meetings or sleeping overnight at a camp;
  5. Allows access to your own personal training records and your children's training records.

To set up an account on, just follow the instructions on the REGISTERING page.

If you have problems accessing your account, follow the instructions on for finding out your email sign-in or your password. If that does not work, click on "Support" at the top and then "SUBMIT A REQUEST" and send a message the the "Help Centre" (they should get back to you within a day or two). If you have any further problems with your account, please email Steve at to let us know.


If you assist at meetings, go on outings or participate at a camp, please ensure that your own on-line contact, emergency & medical information is up-to-date (check your "" account). Following this, you will need to complete the short "Safe Scouting For Parents" course using the following steps:

  1. click;
  2. log into your account;
  3. click on "David Huestis Learning Centre";
  4. where it says "parents attending an overnight activity", click on the course for "Safe Scouting for Parents" and complete the course.
  5. when the course has ended, let the program fully sign out automatically (this can take up to 30 seconds or one minute).
  6. When the course has terminated, click on "My Completed Learning" to see if the course shows completed (there will be a date in the completed column).
  7. If you have any problems taking the course, please email us at to let us know.
  8. When you have completed the course, CLICK HERE to let us know that you have taken the course and we will update your status to "Parent Helper".


Also, please sign the Scouts Canada "Code of Conduct". This Code must be signed electronically online, and can be accessed on the MyScouts login page. The Scouts Canada Code of Conduct is a standard of behavior expected of all volunteers, participants 18 years of age and over, employees, parents and guardians, and non-parent adult helpers who wish to participate in scouting activities. Individuals are required to annually review and sign this Code.

And you're done! Be sure to remember your online account login email and password.

If you have any troubles with the on-line system, please email us at


The follow are important points to note:

  • refer to the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for the most up-to-date scheduling information for meetings and events (note that the calendar is subject to change based on programming changes or meeting room cancellations -if there is a change within one week of a scheduled activity, you will be notified by email);
  • when dropping off and picking up youth at regular meetings, please accompany youth to and from the meeting room (when dropping off youth also ensure that Scouters (adult leaders) are present before you leave your Beaver, Cub or Scout);
  • youth should be prepared to go outside during any meeting under all weather conditions;
  • youth should be in full uniform for all meetings and events except when specifically notified otherwise (youth may take off their uniforms upon arrival at camps but should wear them again when travelling back home);
  • make all cheques for event fees or miscellaneous items payable to "Scouts Canada";
  • if there are any changes to your contact information throughout the year, please ensure your account is updated.
  • if there is anything on this website or in our programs that concerns you, please contact the Group Commissioner (refer to ABOUT US - CONTACT US).

MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION: Registration information is contained on the REGISTERING page. Please note that there are significant discounts for new registrations or renewal of existing memberships for the next calendar year if completed before the June "Early Bird" deadline (see the REGISTRATION - FEES page).

UNIFORMS: Uniforms (vests, hats, and shirts) need to be purchased and are available through the Group (refer to PROGRAMS - THE STORE page for prices). The uniform along with the crest/badge placement is provided on the PROGRAMS - DOCUMENTS page. Badges and crests that are not shown on the uniforms sheet should be placed on the members campfire blanket.

CEREMONIES: Ceremonies provide a special atmosphere for the youth. These include "Opening" & "Closing" ceremonies at regular meetings, the "Investiture" ceremony where youth are officially invested into their Section (new members receive their official Group Scarf at this time) and the "Moving Up" ceremony held near the end of the year where senior youth move up to the next Section. At the Moving Up ceremonies in the Spring (refer to the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for the date) youth will receive their new Section shirt and if parents/guardians bring a cheque for payment, they will receive 25% off the cost of the shirt and the youth will be able to take their new shirt with them after the ceremonies. Parents/Guardians of Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts are encouraged to attend the Investiture and Moving Up ceremonies.

SPECIAL EVENTS & CAMPS: There are a number of special events and camps held throughout the year. These are shown on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS. For Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts, the details and instructions for special events will be emailed out to members. For Scouts, details and instructions will be provided to the Scouts at regular meetings and the Scouts are expected to let parents know of their outings (but always check the calendar as well). Venturers and Rovers plan their own meetings and events.

FUNDRAISING: Fundraising is very important to the Group and is a vital part of our programming needs. We ask that all members and parents volunteer their time to assist with these activities. Fundraising also has a number of benefits for youth development. Refer to the the PROGRAMS - FUNDRAISERS page for details on how this benefits your child.


Financial assistance is available for those who need it. For annual "registration fee" subsidies, please go to the REGISTRATION/FEES page. For "uniform, camping or special event fee" subsidies, please complete the Application For Financial Assistance Form. All applications will remain confidential.

SECTION SPECIFIC INFORMATION: Click on the Section below for additional information on each section: