New members and Current members, please follow the registration instructions below.



NOTE 1: If a Section becomes full and you would like your name to be placed in priority on the WAITING LIST, just follow the registration instructions below but instead of clicking on the "Register as a Participant" button in step #7, you must click on the "Contact" button, add your contact details and then click on the box requesting to be contacted when space becomes available (your name will then be listed in priority on the Wait List).

NOTE 2: If the Beavers or Cubs Section becomes full, your child might be able to register only if a parent volunteers to help out at the meetings - please indicate your willingness to help out on the leadership team for the Beavers or Cubs section when you register on the Wait List (by clicking on the "Contact" button in step #7 below).


Try one or two meetings for Free!

Feel free to drop by to any regular meeting to try us out - see our CALENDAR OF EVENTS on the "Home" page for our scheduled meetings. If you plan on dropping by, please contact the Section Leader (refer to the ABOUT US - CONTACT US page) to let them know you wish to visit. The Section Leader will provide you with further information.


There are special instructions to register as a Medical Venturer or Medical Rover.

Anyone interested in joining MedVents must register in our general Venturer Company or Rover Crew section first. You will then need to apply to be a MedVent member by going to the website - click on "Volunteering" (note current MedVent members will automatically be transferred). Venturer or Rover members from other groups interested in joining the MedVent team do not need to register in the 21st Capilano Venturer or Rover Sections (if you are already registered as a member in another group) but need to apply through the website.


For "Early Bird" registration fee discounts, you must register on-line by midnight on June 25th each year.

Note to current Parents: When renewing your child for the next Scouting year (a notice will be sent to you when registration is open), sign into your "" account and go to the "My Family" tab in "My Profile" and select the renew icon. If your child is not showing under the My Family tab, please contact the Help Centre.

TO REGISTER, THESE STEPS CAREFULLY (for Adult Scouter Registration see below):

  1. go to;
  2. sign into your own personal account (if you have not set up your own account, just follow the instructions to create an account for yourself as a parent/guardian before you register your child);
  3. when you are signed into your account, click on the tab that says "Find a Group" (on the top line beside "My Profile");
  4. enter your postal code;
  5. select the "Age Group" for your child;
  6. click on the "FIND GROUPS" button;
  7. scroll down the page (just below the map) and under "21st Capilano Scout Group" select "REGISTER AS A PARTICIPANT" to register your child (or select the "volunteer" button if you are registering yourself as a Leader or select the "Contact" button to be placed next on the Waiting List);
  8. select the correct scouting year;
  9. select "New Member" (unless your child's name is showing) and follow the instructions to register your child;
  10. ensure that all sections of the on-line forms are completed (if you need to change any information at a later date, you can simply sign into your account at any time and update the registration information).


We welcome all adult volunteers. To register yourself as a volunteer, just follow the registration steps shown above but when is comes to selecting the type of registration, click on register "REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER" (not a "participant") and complete the registration process for "myself" (there is no cost to register as a volunteer). Note that if you are registering as a Group Committee member (not part of a youth section), follow the "TO REGISTER" steps above and initially register yourself in the Rover Section (we will then move your registration to Group Committee).

When adult leaders have completed this registration process, click on MEMBERS - SCOUTERS and request access to the 21st Capilano Leaders Website. When you access our Leaders Website, click on the Training Requirements. If you have any problems, email us at

If you have any problems, email us at for assistance.


Refunds will be provided as follows:

  • 100% if requested within 30 days of registration
  • No Refunds if requested after 30 days of registration (except if requested as follows: 100% before September 30th and 50% before October 31st).

To make a refund, click on this link


Financial assistance is available for those who need it. Please complete the Application For Financial Assistance Form. All applications will remain confidential.