A History of Buena High School

This website contains a digital archive of yearbooks, student newspapers, photos, videos, sports records, oral histories, and written narratives about Buena High School from 1961-2019. We would like to dedicate this website to the past, present, & future students, staff, & community of Buena High School.

Essential Question

How has Buena changed and stayed the same over the years?


To accurately tell the “story” of Buena, for past, present, and future students.

Project Goals

We need your help! 

If you have any personal pictures or would like to write your own narrative about your time at Buena, please fill out this Google Form: https://forms.gle/p3rTAumAs32kY5Pv8. In the future, we hope to digitize more student newspapers and add more digitized sources over time.

Here you can find photos, documents, and other digital sources from Buena's History.

Here you can find narrative descriptions of various time periods from Buena History.

This page contains digital scans of Buena's Yearbooks.

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Questions? Concerns?

Please contact kevin.downey@venturausd.org for information about this project.