Longer Testimonials

Erik Braun

I highly recommend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Library Media Program.  I enrolled in their online initial licensure program, and recertification programs.  I completed each program through the University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium (UWSSLEC).     

UWW’s Library Program has helpful, personable, and highly knowledgeable professors.  I would like to highlight two outstanding professors from the department Dr. Sarah Beth Nelson, and Dr. Elieen Schroeder.  Each professor is a lifelong learner, and their passion for libraries is indisputable.  Dr. Nelson is dynamic, engaging, and a great storyteller.   Dr. Schroeder provided me with a lengthy letter of recommendation.       

Taking classes online was particularly beneficial, because of the program’s flexibility.  I concurrently worked and took classes through the consortium.  In every class, professors and students regularly connect.   Often, the professor or peers were able to provide assistance.  In fact, I am still in contact with former classmates. 

The UWW Library Media Program has opened multiple doors for me.  I have found work in school and public libraries, and the nonprofit sector.  Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss this Program further.   


Thank you. 


Erik Braun 


Rachel Lysne

"From January 2021, when I first connected via Zoom-style with my future advisor at UW-W (Sarah Beth Nelson), until submission of my final project towards completion of my 1902 school library license in June 2023, I was continually equipped to succeed in this program.  Course content and teaching sessions were arranged in an organized, timely manner in Canvas, and I continuously felt like I had a valued place in the program, among staff, and with my peers.  Though the majority of my requirements were completed virtually, I did not feel disconnected or fragmented from "the action".  Professors in the program responded to my questions courteously and consistently.  The technology in place was dependable and easy to access, navigate, and interact with.  Classmates contributed to each other's success through discussion boards and cooperative projects.  The tenor of the program, in a nutshell, was one of professionalism, yet personal attention.  I could not have asked for a better graduate experience, particularly as I worked hard to juggle a full-time job and raise a family at the same time.  I will always be grateful to the staff and networks in place at UW-W that enabled me to succeed at each juncture over 2.5 years ".