The librarians play an important part in student success by supporting the curriculum, bridging the gaps in access to and familiarity with resources, and working collaboratively with teachers to support and improve their instruction. I support our school library program because it is central to student achievement. –  Bruce Dahmen, Principal, James Madison Memorial High School, Madison

What Should an Administrator Expect?

How does a 21st century school library program provide access to a wide range of materials and technologies, encourage literacy and a love of reading, develop 21st century skills, support the learning of all students, and inspire curiosity and creativity? How should today’s library program change to support today’s world of information, technology and digital natives?

Hiring a Professional

The school library has changed from a store of resources to a learning commons where students and teachers investigate, collaborate, and seek and use information to explore ideas and solve problems. As information grows exponentially and technology continues to change the way society learns and communicates, information fluency is vital to success, and the school library information specialist is more vital than ever before.

A 21st century library information specialist at the center of teaching and learning: