We hope that this website can continue to grow into a database and useful resource, so we’ve created a toolkit to share how we set up this interview project for our students and to make it possible for others to add interviews to the project. While we’ve written this toolkit with other instructors in mind — we would love to see educators implement this project in their film classrooms — we also invite anyone to submit an interview, whether or not they are a student. We want the project to continue to expand, to become broader and more inclusive, and to introduce us all to new makers, voices, and works.

View the FEMEXFILMARCHIVE contributor toolkit (for instructors who want to create a class assignment or for individuals who would like to submit an interview)

CONTACT US (if you have a question or if you are an instructor who would like access to publish interviews created by your students)

SUBMIT your interview and supporting visual materials here (if you are creating an interview outside of a classroom context)