ChEHC is committed to:

Promoting and supporting awareness about children’s environmental health issues. Providing information on best practices for identifying, managing and preventing environmental exposures in children to health professionals, families, decision makers and other stakeholders.

ChEHC participates in preparing a new generation of professionals in Children's Environmental Health.

We offer:

  • Paed 543 - A senior-level source offered through the University of Alberta designed to address the growing evidence and to recognize the role of early life environmental exposures (biological, physical, chemical and social) as major determinants of child and adult health. Link

  • Presentations, seminars, workshops to health professionals, decision makers, parents, community groups and other stakeholders.

  • Informational Tools such as: user-friendly fact sheets, links to pertinent websites, quarterly newsletter, environmental history tool, etc.

  • Reviews and other publications of the scientific literature to provide current knowledge on various environmental health related topics (selected publications).

  • Education for medical students and residents, nurses and other allied health professionals.