Children's Environmental Health Clinic (ChEHC)

A World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre in Children's Environmental Health 

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What is ChEHC? 

ChEHC is a unique program addressing the impacts on children’s health from environmental exposures (chemical, biological, physical and social). The program considers all environmental factors to assess exposures, by integrating clinical, research and educational components. 

We are the first program of our kind in Canada. Recently, ChEHC supported the development and establishment of a second children's environmental health program in Ontario.

Evaluation and recommendations for children (0-16) with

Promotion of awareness and knowledge of environmental issues that may affect children‘s health to health professionals, families, decision makers and other stakeholders.

Participation in educating and/or tutoring students, researchers and clinicians in Children’s Environmental Health.

Engagement in original research and collaboration locally and internationally with interdisciplinary professionals.

Synthesizing existing knowledge through scientific reviews, and providing evidence-based information that contributes to new knowledge.

ChEHC has local and international affiliations and serves communities within Alberta and across Canada. ChEHC helps interface science, policy and practice. 

We are part of a large network of Paediatric Environmental Health Speciality Units (PEHSU)

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