Understanding how environmental exposures impact child health is a key part of ChEHC's mandate. We are actively involved in research in our community. This page will highlight studies our team members are involved in. Current projects seeking participants include:

Full list of active studies

  • Integrating Prenatal Environmental Health Education into Clinical Care in Canada: The PEHE Study. Ends Aug 2023.

  • Lii Zaanfaan: Understanding Health and Well-being Trajectories of Métis Children in Alberta. Ends Dec 2024.

  • Maternal-infant dyad health outcomes: infant neurodevelopment, respiratory illnesses, dyad sleep patterns and maternal mental health in the context of pre-and post-natal maternal cannabis use – A prospective cohort study. Ends Aug 2025.

  • Climate change-related health inequalities in Canada: How hot temperatures affect vulnerable groups living in large urban centres. Ends Sep 2024.

  • Climate change surveillance for chronic health effects. Ends Nov 2023.

  • Association of socioeconomic and environmental factors with neonatal and childhood outcomes of preterm neonates <29 weeks' gestation in Canada. Ends Mar 2025.

  • Maternal-child dyad health outcomes: neurodevelopment at three years in the context of maternal cannabis use - an extension of a prospective cohort study. Ends May 2027.

  • Healthy Cities Research Initiative: Data Analysis Using Existing Databases and Cohorts. Ends Sep 2023.