Clinical Service

ChEHC is a unique program that offers health care for children with possible environmentally related issues.  Our team consists of specialists in pediatrics, occupational and environmental health, nursing, and public health.

We utilize a pediatric environmental history tool as part of a full medical assessment in the context of the medical problem and results of relevant investigations and provide recommendations for:

We respond to questions and offer community advice/support for local children's environmental health issues (link to recent community issues)

We assist local, national and international government and non-government agencies in issues of children's health and the environment.

Our clinical team sees patients across Alberta and provides resources to physicians and teams in other provinces. Our team works togther to provide:

Referrals may be sent to 1-888-353-1353. Referrals should be by physician or nurse practitioner.

Please see our Referral Form for more information

Email with any questions!

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