Clinical Service

ChEHC is a unique program that offers health care for children with possible environmentally related issues. Our team consists of specialists in pediatrics, occupational and environmental health, nursing, and public health.

We utilize a pediatric environmental history tool as part of a full medical assessment in the context of the medical problem and results of relevant investigations and provide recommendations for:

  • children (prenatal to 16yrs.) who may be exposed to harmful environmental exposures at home, in child care, at school or within their community
  • children with acute, persistent and/or non-responsive health conditions, which may be environmentally related

We respond to questions and offer community advice/support for local children's environmental health issues (link to recent community issues)

We assist local, national and international government and non-government agencies in issues of children's health and the environment.

Contact 1-780-735-2731, or email our Children's Environmental Health Office for information about:

  • Appointments
  • Referrals
  • Telephone/email consultations
  • Tele-health conferences
  • Environmental related health concerns in your community