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Community Links and Resources

  • Learn about the air quality conditions in your region, and manage your activities accordingly using the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). Click Here for more. You can also down load the AQHI App for your mobile device here.

  • Alberta Environment Public Health Information Network - A user-friendly and interactive website by Alberta Health where Albertans can understand and learn about environmental factors that may have a direct or indirect impact on their overall health. TO view click //

  • Should I Eat This This Fish? Government of Alberta App for Mobile Devices. Will tell you if the fish you have caught has a consumption advisory. Based on information the user provides, the App will inform Albertans if they should limit the amount of fish they eat and what those limits are. For android users, click here. For Apple users click here.

  • The impact of second and third hand smoke on children and infants can be found at or by clicking here. Tobacco Reduction efforts in Alberta are outlined here. Resources to help you quit smoking can be found at

  • Learn about the City of Edmonton's efforts to reduce exposure to pesticides here.

  • Information about lead pipes in the City of Edmonton is provided by EPCOR and can be found here.