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 One school. One vision. Four paths.


The mission of Academies at Union High School is to engage each student in the development of their selected personalized course of study. Harnessing the support of a diverse and collaborative group of school stakeholders – including teachers, students, families, the community, local industry, and colleges/universities – each Academy student will realize their individual potential to successfully embrace the ever-changing nature of the times in which they live. 

visualize yourself at graduation...

By the time that you graduate from Academy, you will have reached your fullest academic and personal potential to date. Further, you will also be college-and-career ready, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to succeed in work and life.  You will have connected with industry professionals, universities, and peers that may someday be your colleagues.  

We believe that YOU can achieve this vision and we cannot wait to support you on this journey.