leadership and culture - Interview with Tomás Recart

Welcome to your virtual visit of Enseña Chile.

Tomás Recart, co-founder and CEO of Enseña Chile, welcomes you and describes how Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning helps Enseña Chile become a "learning organization."

The below resources describe Enseña Chile's current strategy for collecting and using data for organizational learning.

Reflection Questions:

1) How would you describe Enseña Chile's vision and purpose for monitoring and evaluation?

2) How does Enseña Chile define its organization's intended outcomes?

Introduction to MEL Strategy of Enseña Chile (in English)

Please view the slide presentation below to better understand the MEL Strategy of Enseña Chile.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning - Enseña Chile - Tomás Recart and Francisco Contreras.pptx
(To see the slides in full screen, click the square pop-out icon in the top right corner of the slide.)

Introducción a la Estrategia de MEL de Enseña Chile (en español)

monitoreo_evaluacion_y_aprendizaje_en_america_latina_introduccion_a_la_estrategia_de_mel_de_ensena_chile (3).pptx