reflection and moving forward

reflection prompts

Reflect back on your team and/or organization in regards to Data Culture for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning. What lessons learned during your virtual visit might apply or be adapted in your context?

  • How do different teams and people currently leverage data in their work?
  • Are there certain rituals, systems, or processes set up that allow for engagement with data?
  • Are there different perspectives across teams around data use, purpose of monitoring and evaluation?
  • How comfortable are different teams and people across the organization with interpreting or analyzing data?
  • How is capacity for monitoring, evaluation, and learning dedicated at the organization?
  • How is responsibility for monitoring, evaluation, and learning allocated or shared?

Reflect back on what you shared originally in the following document. What changes would you like to see in your organization?

Sharing your reflection on data culture in your context


We are incredibly grateful to Enseña Chile for working with Teach For All over the past several years on strategies for monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Most recently, Enseña Chile hosted the first ever America's Regional Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Network Learning Trip to demonstrate how the organization has developed a culture of data usage. Without their openness and willingness to share, this would not have been possible.

As a learner on this journey, we hope that you and your team found this virtual experience useful to reflect on your own team and/or organizations culture of data usage for monitoring, evaluation, and learning. While there is always so much more to be done, we have found that most of our partners have found taking incremental steps towards investing the organization in this process as most useful.

Given that a lot of this has been made possible with our partners' willingness to share and collaborate, we hope that you would be willing to share your feedback to be able to grow this resource.

Your feedback is requested: Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey to provide your feedback.

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