Using Student Academic Outcomes to Inform Instruction

Eduardo Coloma, Research and Strategy Coordinator, explains the different sources of student outcomes, both academic and non-academic, that Enseña Chile collects and routinely uses for decision making. These include the following tools (see the Student Outcomes Profile below for more details):

  • Student Academic Standardized Assessments - SEPA
  • Student Academic Formative Assessments and trackers - Aptus
  • Student Socioemotional Learning Survey - Tripod SEL Survey
  • Student perceptions of effective teaching - Tripod 7Cs Student Survey

These data sources empower participants to diagnose student needs and develop instructional strategies to target student learning needs.

Enseña Chile's Student Outcomes Profile

View one of the slide presentations below to better understand Chile's Student Outcomes Profile. (Available in either English or español.)

Student Outcomes Profile Enseña Chile v2.pptx
Student Outcomes Profile Enseña Chile - ESP_v06.12.2019.pptx


Read one of the slide presentations below (in English or español) about how Enseña Chile uses a Student Outcomes Diagnostic and Formative Assessment in the classroom.

Panel_Rodrigo Lopez_Aptus - mayo 2019 ENG.pptx
Panel_Rodrigo Lopez_Aptus - mayo 2019.pptx

Reflection Questions:

  • How have Enseña Chile measured progress toward a student vision, including student proficiency, agency, dispositions, and awareness?
  • How does Enseña Chile support teachers to use student outcomes data to inform their instructional choices?