Enablers and barriers


From working with different organizations across our network, we have found the following barriers to using data to sometimes exist on teams. When you read the list, which ones do you think might be relevant to your team?

  • Fear or general lack of interest
  • Too much jargon - using language that is difficult to understand
  • Valuing only one form of data (numbers for example)
  • Inequity of access to data within the organization
  • Irrelevance of collected data
  • Dehumanising the work by pulling data out of context


Now, what enables a team to create a data culture? We have found the following characteristics to be true to create the ideal environment for a great data culture in an organization. Which of these factors does your team exhibit?

  • Support from the organization’s leadership and instilling a culture of data usage
  • Motivational members of the staff champion being data driven
  • Participants championing the use of data in their classrooms - spotlighting strong use of data in specific classrooms
  • Belief that measurable improvements can be made through iteration and testing throughout the organization
  • Willingness to share data and collaborate to achieve better results
  • Empowerment of people to interact and collaborate that allows them to adapt and respond to a changing environment


Want more resources? You can find the following resources on the Partner Learning Portal that will help you make this happen on your team.

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Note: Only partner organizations within the Teach For All network can access the linked page as it is within the Teach For All Partner Learning Portal