Monitoring, evaluation, and learning in Enseña Chile

Welcome to Enseña Chile! This webpage is a virtual visit to Enseña Chile to learn more about how the organization developed a culture for collecting and using evidence for decision-making. On this visit, you will hear stories from organizational leaders and review resources and tools to help distill a culture of using data. These examples, testimonies, and resources can support you and your organization to develop strong cultures and routines for data reflection.


In this self-paced, asynchronous "visit" you will be able to learn from Enseña Chile on how they've developed a data culture across different functions. You will also reflect on how these lessons may apply to your own organization.

Your visit will consists of several sub-objectives :

  • Understand the basics of data and enabling a data culture

  • Learn how different organizational functions, like Participant Training and Support, Alumni Support, and Recruitment and Selection are using data

  • Hear from Tomás Recart, CEO of Enseña Chile, about his vision for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning in Chile and across our network

  • Make connections with your own organization in developing a strong Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning culture

Before you set off on your journey, you will first review what to expect and some fundamental insights for building a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning culture generated from the Teach For All network.

In conclusion of your visit, you will be guided to reflect on a set of questions related to developing leadership and an organizational culture for monitoring, evaluation, and learning in your team and/or organization.

Happy learning!!

Please register your attendance to this Virtual Visit using this form here.