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Academic Eligibility Policy for Teams & Clubs

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Newtonbrook S.S. offers students many co-curricular opportunities. However, the successful fulfillment of their academic requirements has the highest priority. To participate in any co-curricular activity a student must:

  • Be considered “full time” and carry the minimum of 3 academic credits

  • Earn at least 50% in at least two subjects as of the most recent report card. For co-curricular participation in the Fall season the previous June report card marks will be used as the benchmark (marks earned at summer school will replace the June failure)

  • Attend regularly and on time, all classes and meet all course requirements (assignments & tests etc.)

  • Not have any unexplained absences or lates

  • Comply with Newtonbrook’s Code of Respect & Behaviour

Academic eligibility is officially reviewed during the school reporting periods; however, it may be reviewed at the discretion of the staff advisor, teacher, parent or administration.The staff advisor for each co-curricular activity is responsible for informing the student of their “ineligibility”. Students who are deemed ineligible for participation have the right to an appeal.

Current Clubs and Teams:

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the teacher associated with each club/activity.