School Profile

Newtonbrook Secondary School

Motto: Quisque Pro Ingenio "To each according to his/her own talent"

Nickname: The North Stars

Mascot: Polaris the polar bear

Colours: Scarlet & Grey

Since the day of its opening in 1964, Newtonbrook Secondary School is a place where students feel they belong - a total school. With the assistance of a professional, dedicated staff, our students make outstanding academic achievements in the arts, social and physical sciences, languages, mathematics and business education. In athletics, tremendous enjoyment and accomplishments result in both intramural and interscholastic levels.

Newtonbrook is a school in which high standards for learning are achieved without the sacrifice of those emotional, artistic and physical needs that make for a whole person.

Welcome to Newtonbrook Secondary School. The school year can be unique for you. Join a team or a club and participate! Have a successful and active year. Enjoy each day and contribute to the Newtonbrook community.

Newtonbrook Secondary

(416) 395-3280

155 Hilda Ave

North York, ON

M2M 1V6

Principal: Saverio Zupo

Superintendent: Elizabeth Addo

Trustee: Alexander Brown