St Joseph Trades Skills Centre is Located at 439 Hoxton Park Road, Hinchinbrook

Proudly part of Good Samaritan Catholic College Ph: 9825-9955

Whats happening?

Worldskills Regional Competitions

Congratulations Natalia on placing 2nd in Hospitality

Congratulations to Lance & Andrew - 1st and 2nd respectively in Automotive. Lance will now compete at the National World Skills Competition held in Sydney in Oct 2018.

Congratulations to Joseph - 1st in Construction. Joseph will also compete at the National World Skills Competition in Sydney in Oct 2018.

Applications for St Joseph for 2018


Applications are open to students in Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12 in Catholic Colleges. Good Samaritan students DO NOT need to complete the application form. Good Samaritan students apply through the Good Samaritan subject selection process.

HOW DO I APPLY if I am not a Good Samaritan student?

  • Before applying, students from Catholic Colleges will need to
    • discuss their subject selection options with their school VET coordinator. Only applications that are supported by the student’s home school will be considered.
    • obtain a Unique Student Identifier. If you don’t already have one go to https://www.usi.gov.au/students/create-your-usi
    • Obtain your NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) number. This was in the past called a BOSTES number. This is available from your school - ask at the front office.
  • When you are ready to apply, complete this form: Application for an EVET course at a TTC/TSC.
  • First round applications will close 31st August.
  • Once applications have been received, St Joseph TSC will contact the school to confirm details provided by the student, determine viability of running courses and notify schools of course schedules, days and times.
  • Applicants will be interviewed by the Pathways Planner from St Joseph TSC and any necessary testing will be undertaken
  • Once enrolments have been confirmed, the school and the student will be advised of acceptance into course
  • Schools will be invoiced for the student levy - $290 per student per year per 2 unit course. Parents are invoiced by home school.

Acceptance Agreement Form

This form is to be completed by the PARENT of a student who has received an acceptance offer into a course at St Joseph Trades Skills Centre for 2018.

Acceptance Agreement Form

Our students enjoy learning

We provide vocational education for students in Catholic colleges.

Official Blessing and Opening of St Joseph TSC

Dr Dan White (Executive Director Sydney Catholic Schools), Bishop Terrence Brady and Ms Jane Donovan (Principal Good Samaritan Catholic College) reveal the plaque.