The Head of Trade Training

The Head of Trade Training is responsible for the leadership of the College’s Trades Skills Centre and for the delivery of Vocational Education and Training at St Joseph. The Head of Trade Training provides leadership in all matters pertaining to St Joseph’s operation, industry liaison, pathways planning, partnership development, marketing and VET curriculum. The Head of Trade Training also takes responsibility for the inclusion of external students in courses at St Joseph and the enrolment and operation of the Industry Based Learning program, an initiative which allows students to combine school and work together.

The Pathways Planner

The Pathways Planner is responsible for working strategically with students to help develop and then monitor personal career plans and progression. The Pathways Planner also works closely with parents, teachers, employers, community agencies and other education and training organisations. The Pathways Planner not only assists students enrolled at Good Samaritan Catholic College but is also available to all students enrolled in courses at St Joseph Trades Skills Centre. The Pathways Planner assists students with diverse learning needs to access support in the classroom and on work placement. The Pathways Planner also conducts entry interviews with students considering vocational training.

The Partnership Manager

The Partnership Manager is responsible for establishing and promoting effective school, industry and community partnerships. They support students in making a successful transitions from school to work and further study. Partnerships may involve arrangements for structured work placement, sourcing of School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs), student mentoring schemes and organisation of proactive industry involvement in St Joseph training curriculum and delivery. The establishment of ongoing relationships is very important to the success of our training programs.

2022 Trainers


Mr Stojanovski

Business Services

Mr Garzaniti

Mr Rigney

Mr Newman


Mr Borg

Mr Sleiman

Mr Bilotta

Mr Byrnes

Early Childhood Education & Care

Mrs Armstrong-Ley


Mr Burridge


Ms Connor


Miss Cerovac


Miss Garcia

Mrs Randal

Mrs McInerney

Human Services


Retail Services

Mr Rigney

Mrs Stojanovski

Mr Pamaka