7th Grade Course Selection

Incoming 7th Grade Forms to Complete:


Transitioning to Middle School

The transition to middle school can be a scary, exciting, fun and/ or challenging time for many students. It is normal for students and parents to feel nervous, excited, anxious or scared. Students are not only making a change to a new school but they are also going through many physical and emotional changes that accompany adolescence. Middle school serves as a two-year transition between elementary school and high school. During this time we assist your student in learning the academic and independent skills needed to be successful in high school and in life.

How to help your child make a smooth transition:

  • Reassure your child that it is okay to feel nervous.

  • Highlight the positive like more independence, new opportunities (more clubs, new friends, activities, etc) and opportunity to learn new subjects.

  • Take a tour of campus over the summer.

  • Attend 7th Grade Orientation.

  • Attend Open House and other parent nights.

  • Reassure your child that middle school is a safe place with many caring adults to help.

  • If your child is still having difficulty with the transition, please reach out to your child’s counselor for support.

  • Make sure you monitor your child by logging into Jupiter Grades and Infinite Campus. Your counselor can help if needed.

Incoming 7th Grade Course Selection and Orientation

The school counselors individually schedule every student into a rigorous course of study. We utilize placement guidelines provided by the SUHSD Office of Curriculum and Instruction. We utilize test data, grades, English Proficiency, IEP’s and 504 plans to make class placements. In addition, we utilize student, teacher and parent feedback for placement into accelerated and support courses. Counselors make the majority of placements in the Spring semester (February-May) before summer break. If you have any questions, please reach out to your counselor.

In the Spring of 6th grade (February/ March), Eastlake Middle School counselors will visit the neighboring elementary schools to begin the articulation to middle school. Students will receive a presentation about what to expect in middle school and begin the process of selecting their classes. We will also hold a parent night in late February where we will cover the same information with parents. An orientation will also be held in the summer, usually a few days before school starts.

In addition to course selection and orientation, you will receive information about online registration, proof of residency and immunizations from our school registrar. This information is usually sent to your email address on file at the elementary school but please make sure to check our school website for frequent registration updates at http://elm.sweetwaterschools.org/

SUHSD Math Pathways

Path 1: The traditional math sequence for incoming 7th grade is to begin with Integrated Math 7. This grade level math sequence allows students to earn 4 years of A-G college prep math (3 years of A-G math is the minimum requirement).

The SUHSD offers several opportunities for students to accelerate in math in order to reach higher levels of math such as Calculus.

Path 2: In 7th grade, we offer Compacted Integrated Math 7, as an accelerated math pathway. Students who opt into Compacted math will take 3 years of math compacted into 2 years. In other words, students will take Integrated Math 7, Integrated Math 8, and Integrated Math I (first year of high school math and A-G math) during their 7th and 8th grade school year. This is a fast-paced math class and requires students to have confidence in math and a solid math foundation.

Path 3: In High School, students will have another opportunity to take Compacted Math. The high school course combines Integrated Math III with Pre-Calculus. This is a highly accelerated course because it combines 2 years of math into 1 year.

Summer School: If you would like your child to be considered for summer school math acceleration, please inform your counselor. Keep in mind that summer school acceleration is not guaranteed and is based on funding and staffing. In addition, summer school math compacts a year of math into a 3 week summer program.

*Beginning with Integrated Math I, students will earn high school and A-G credits. Students must earn a "C" or better in all A-G courses to meet the A-G college admissions requirements. A-G courses taken in middle school will transfer to the student's high school transcripts. If your student is earning below a "C" in an A-G course in middle school, please consult with your child's teacher and counselor.