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The annual STPRI Family Day was held at STPRI Princess Arena. On Saturday, 20th May 2017. The event started from 1:45pm until 4:30pm. It was organized by teachers to spend more time with family and friends.

The teachers, students and parents wore sports attire according to the house of their respective sports.

The STPRI aerobic club lead the warming up before the game!

There were many fun and exciting activities to take part in. Such as, wearing socks without using hands, hula hoop, popping balloons, coconut hockey, eating contest and last but not least, tug of war. there were also prizes awaiting to those who won.

The teachers, students and parents enjoying themselves on family day!

There were a Brunei Got Talent performance by students and also a selection of refreshments.

STPRI students and beloved parents, enjoying school's Family Day event!

written by Aqillah Addy

The annual STPRI sports day was held at Padang Balapan, Berakas. On Saturday, 11th March 2017. The event was organized by house captains from each sports house and the teachers. As you can see it is colourful event, where many students and teachers dressed up in some pretty crazy outfits in support of their teams.

The teachers and students wore sports attire according to the houses of their respective sports. There is Sapphire, Ruby, Amber and Jade house. Each house has a different colour to represent the house.

Sport days are events are in which people take part in competitive sporting activities, often with the aim of winning trophies and prizes. There were many trophies and prizes awaiting those who pushed through the heat to win the 3km race.

There were also streets hawkers, a cool Transformer mascot, face painting and henna that was organized by the teachers.

The MAJOR event on the sports day was the 3km run. All students and selected teachers had to compete against one another. Although 3km does not sound like a long run, it was extremely challenging, even for the fittest of competitors. The run was intense because of the heat and humidity. It felt more like a 15km run than 3km! Students and teachers had to hydrate themselves regularly or risk overheating and injury. Several students collapsed and injured themselves during the run and needed medical assistance.

Each house had their own special chant, and during the prize giving. they tried to out-cheer one another to support their team members who won the races.

The teachers and students enjoying themselves on sports day, despite the hot weather!

The STPRI aerobic club lead the warming up before the run!

The 2017 sports day championship prize went o Ruby house. Ruby house got the highest points because its runners were the most competitive!

A winner from Amber house gave these words of encouragement: "winning is not everything but making the effort to win is "

STPRI students, enjoying the school’s Sports Day event!

written by Aqillah Addy