In this column students can write to 'Dear Miss Know it All' about any issues or problems you want to share. "Miss Know it All" will try and see if she can shine a little light on it. See below for her contact email address!

Dear Miss Know It All,

The exams results are out, and my results are anything, but spectacular. Any advice on how to improve my grades and destress?


A Struggling Student.

Dear A Struggling Student,

Hey! Guess what?! We're all struggling! Even me, a person who is in her last year, is currently collecting my O's like a vagabond. Not a good impression, probably, but it's really the truth.

I'm probably not the best candidate to give advice to people about grades because I lack in certain subjects (and my teachers reading this week's column will want to brand the word hypocrite on my face), but I'll try.

1) Do your past year papers: There's probably a lot of other ways to study, but honestly, the most efficient way to study is to dive into your past year papers, along with your notes right beside you. Past year paper is practice, and practice is the way to success. You probably already know that, but some students just don't get the significance of doing this to get better. Past year papers help so much, dude. You'll be surprised with the immense impact on your marks by doing 'em.

2) Ask for help: I absolutely cannot stress this enough! Truly, your teachers are always willing to help you if you don't understand a particular topic. Ask for help from your peers, tuition teacher (if you do have one), your school teachers, your sister, brother, and even your parents if they know how to help you! Everyone around you is so knowledgeable, it's a shame that you don't take the knowledge from them just because you're lazy or shy.

3) Know that you can do it: I KNOW, okay. The typical believe in yourself trope. But it just needs to be there. A very wise friend once told me that I could pass a certain subject if I believe in myself and work hard. What's the in brooding over your results, and then giving up because you think you can't do it? Let me tell you this, there's no use at all. Work hard (and smart!), believe in yourself.

Well, I'm pretty sure this is like a typical motivational talk we always have at school, which is why I only gave three suggestions. But hey, they help if you actually do those things that are advised to you. So, good luck in trying harder and passing exams with flying colours! Cheer up, yeah?

Another part of the submission is on how to destress. Well, I can safely say that I can answer this with unbated breath. Lol.

How to not make yourself feel stressed is really easy.

  • Take a rest: Some people suggest that you can take a 5 minute break for every 30 minutes you're studying. Some suggest naps when you feel too lethargic to go on. Students tend to stay up late to do their last minute studying, but honestly, cramming doesn't work to retaining those things you stayed up memorising. Yes, you may remember bits and pieces, but you will forget. A good sleep helps a lot in remembering whatever you have studied when you didn't do your last minute revision.
  • Do relaxing stuff: The only thing that stops me from going crazy during school time is my laptop. After I'm done with my revision for the day, I usually treat myself to an episode of a drama or variety show. Other forms of relaxation can also be things like sports (see the Gif below) , reading a book, and many more! It's all for you to decide!

Hi, I'm Nurita! The year 8 Dear Miss Know It All! There are many things you can do to release your stress after seeing your horrible grades, or after a long study session!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go for a picnic with your family!
  • Listen and dance to your favourite song!
  • Watch your favourite drama and movie!
  • Hang out with your friends.

Or, well. Cry in your room all day after seeing those grades, then do those things! They say that crying releases stress! Just remember to not do it all the time. Lol.

I guess that's all I can offer to you, fellow Struggling Student. Remember to take a breather when things get a teeny bit hard than usual! Never feel like you're useless just because you got a bad grade. Take it as a motivation to move forward! Let us all work harder (and smarter) towards a better future. Weeeheee!


Dear Miss Know It All.

(Last gif, too relatable to not be shared.)

Dear Miss Know It All,

Hi, I’m sort of bored to death. In dire need of things to do ASAP.


A Bored Person Who Doesn’t Like Holidays.

Dear A Bored Person Who Doesn’t Like Holidays,

Hey! Wow, that’s a lengthy letter for sure! While I appreciate an, um, your sincerity, I guess I’ll let the length slide this time. Haha!

I get bored during the holidays too honestly. But it’s always better during the holidays than during school weeks, so I guess we’re pretty opposite, huh? Anyways, here are some things you can do during the holidays! Errr, well, sort of things I did during the holidays, but it works. Lol. Do I need to start writing in short forms to keep up with the trend now? Geez.

  • Go to the movies: I know. I know. How terribly teenager-y of me but I went to the movies four times this holidays. And I know, 8 hours or so of studying time wasted, but it’s a good stress reliever! (I forgot to take a picture of the ticket of last movie I went to, which was ‘LIFE.’)
  • Go to your extra classes: You’re probably thinking; oh, how boring! But hey, it’s useful! I had a total of three extra classes for Biology and it lasted an hour and a half each session. I also had an Additional Mathematics extra class which lasted four hours and thirty minutes. Pretty fun….I guess. Also, we weren’t goofing around during extra class, okay? These pictures are taken during our break! Also also, peace signs are in these days according to the pictures shown.
  • Watch the sunset: Okay, I know. Total cringe and deep wannabe but hey! It’s really therapeutic and tranquil! You should try it! Sunsets in Brunei are always picturesque. Keep in mind that these pictures are not filtered! (even the background is a picture of a sunset!)
  • Exercise: Biking, jogging, swimming! Anything! Be healthy. Which is pretty hypocritical of me, but hey! Exercise is fun. [inserts awkward smile]
  • Go on a cruise: The whole “cruise” was just basically a tour around Kampong Ayer on a little ship. It was pretty nice. Here, you can see me almost dropping my phone to the sea because I was a mess. I am a mess. The background is the picture of 'Jong Batu', one of Brunei's folktales!

I’m afraid that’s all the suggestions I can give to you! Of course you must not neglect your responsibilities as a student! Do your homework and revision! Speaking of which, I have to continue doing mine, sighs. But yeah, of course there are other things you could do; like reading, feeding a monkey, going out with your friends, going to Jerudong Park, be a tourist, watch Korean dramas, anything! But these are the pictures I can provide for you, haha.

I hope everyone is having a jolly holiday! Good luck for exams after holidays, everyone!


Dear Miss Know It All.

Dear Miss Know it All,

These days, it feels like my friends whom I've known since I entered STPRI are ignoring me. It feels like they're leaving me out when they do things like group studies, eating out, and basically just hanging out. They just go ahead and leave without asking me if I want to follow them or not, not like they used to before. They don't show it, but it seems like they don't want me in their little circle of friends anymore. When we do get together, they don't even talk to me and just talk among themselves! I think I should just leave them alone voluntarily. Please tell me how I should solve this problem of mine! :(


A Disgruntled Friend.

Dear Disgruntled Friend,

I'm sure everyone has felt some kind of loneliness at some point in their life before. What you're feeling right now, about the whole situation, let me tell you that it's not invalid of you to feel helpless.

The first piece of advice I can give you is to ask them why they are treating you like that. Just straight up ask them, why are you being so distant lately? I'm sure they'll either make up an excuse or tell you the honest truth. If the first scenario happens, I totally suggest you to just avoid them for the time being because there's nothing worse than people who make you feel like you are unwanted. That, my friend, may lead to some serious problems such as depression. Make some new friends and talk to your other classmates who don't treat you like that!

My second piece of advice I can give you is to reflect back about what you have done to make them treat you like that. I can rightfully assure you that when people treat you differently than they used to, it's mostly because you have done something that makes them see you in a different light. Maybe you have offended them before without knowing and it makes them want to avoid you? Or maybe you accidentally spilled their secrets to someone? No one likes that. Reflect back, and when you still find yourself stumped with no answers, this leads us back to my first advice; ask them.

I hope this advice helped you. Feel better and remember that you're not alone! :)

Best Wishes,

Miss Know It All.

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