BMS Course Curriculum guide

 General Scheduling Information

Belzer Student Schedule

At Belzer, students follow a modified block schedule.  Students have a total of 8 classes.  Classes rotate every other day (see the example schedule below).  Four of those are your core classes such as Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Students will also get to chose three electives (unless an intervention is needed). The final class is our advisory period where students will engage with social emotional curriculum as well as college/career guidance.

Daily Schedule


Listed below is the district grading scale for MSDLT middle and high school students.

Student grades are based on knowledge acquired by the student and assessed in various formats.

A+ 98-100%

A 93-97%

A- 90-92%

B+ 87-89%

B 83-86%

B- 80-82%

C+ 77-79%

C 73-76%

C- 70-72%

D+ 67-69%

D 63-66%

D- 60-62%

F 59-0%

Honor Roll

We divide our honor roll criteria into the following two categories;

High Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Interdisciplinary Teams

Students will be grouped on one of four teams per grade level. This not only makes our school a little smaller, but gives students the opportunity to have classes with some of the same students, and have less distance to travel between classes. Teachers within the team also have the opportunity to work together on student needs.

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