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Online Quote Forms

SpitfireZ is basically an Electronic Catering Business, all the catering is run through our online order forms. If you would like to speak with us about an event, no problem. It is a lot easier to talk about your event after you fill out our simple quote forms. The quote forms ask all the questions that we need to go over in order for us to give you an accurate quote. Our quote system is completely FREE. If you are just simply wondering on how much it might cost for an event, fill out a form. If you don't know how much something might be, fill out a form. If you know exactly what you want, fill out that form! SpitfireZ is not in the practice of overloading you with food. With our years of experience we will know how much of every food item you will need by what you select on the quote forms. We will not hassle you, or hound you to go with our catering business. We will just simply send you out a email with an attached .pdf quote for your event, then you can contact us and we can talk about your event.

Please select the form you would like to fill out depending on your needs. After filling out the form you will be emailed a quote. Please try to place your order at least 48 hrs in advance.

Filling Out Form:

When filling out one of our quote forms we know it can be overwhelming with all the menu choices. Please try not to select all of our food items, it is very hard to give you an accurate quote when so many are selected. Plus it will seem very expensive, and not an accurate quote. After we send you out the first quote you can simply email us back with any changes or updates, no need to fill multiple forms. We can do as many quotes as you like to get your event right where you want it!

Full Catering Quote

Our complete full catering order form with everything that SpitfireZ offers.

Sandwich Platter Quote

Having a small event? Just need a Sandwich Ring or Platter? This is the form you need.

Wedding Quote

SpitfireZ staff has catered hundreds of weddings from casual, to elegant. This form helps cover all the details for your big day.

Roast Pig Quote

Looking for a pig ONLY? This form will have you covered. You will have the options for some sides, but if you would like a full event with a pig. Please fill out the Full Catering Form. You can select pif under roasted meats.

Bartending Quote

Use this form to get a quick quote from our fully insured and RAMP trained professional bartending staff.

Fundraiser Quote

Need to raise money for an event, charity or cause? Fill out this form to get your fundraiser started.