Due to market pricing fluctuating at a rapid pace, the prices on the menu below not reflect the LIVE pricing. Please fill out a quote form to get an accurate quote. We apologize.

Ordering Details:

Food Pan Sizes:

S = Half Pan - Feeds 10-15 │ M = Medium Pan - Feeds 20-25 │ L = Full Pan - Feeds 35-40

SpitfireZ food items are listed by the piece, the dozen, or by the pan. Pans are just our way of portioning and maybe not match the actual pan. Example: A Full Pan of grilled BBQ Chicken (50pc) will come as actually 2 full pans.

Quote Forms:

When filling out one of our quote forms we know it can be overwhelming with all the menu choices. Please try not to select all of our food items, it is very hard to give you an accurate quote when so many are selected. Plus it will seem very expensive, and not an accurate quote. After we send you out the first quote you can simply email us back with any changes or updates, no need to fill multiple forms. We can do as many quotes as you like to get your event right where you want it!

S - Feeds 10-15 │ M - Feeds 20-25 │ L - Feeds 35-40

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Pre-made mini sandwiches made with your favorite roasted meats, white american cheese, lettuce, tomato and signature sauce on the side.
  • Assorted (Beef, Turkey, Ham)

    • 24 - $55 │36 - $65

  • Trio (meats together)

    • 24 - $75 │36 - $85

*** Please bear in mind we are in a crisis, we are not sure what meat prices are day to day. Quotes may differ from prices below.

NEW On-Site Carving Station!

Hot Charcoal Roasted Meat Sliders

Served hot so you can make your own slider sandwiches with signature sauces, and local bakery fresh slider rolls served on the side.

Roast Beef Sliders (horsey sauce)

Roast Turkey Breast Sliders (lemon basil mayo)

Smoked Ham Sliders (balsamic mayo)

Smoked Ham BBQ

Pulled Chicken BBQ (choose your bbq sauce)

3dz - $1456dz - $2359dz - $345

Pulled Pork BBQ (choose your bbq sauce)

3dz - $1156dz - $1959dz - $275

SpitfireZ BBQ Sauces: Classic BBQ, Honey BBQ, Gold, Sriracha Gold, Buffalo, Ham BBQ

Fresh lamb gyros are served with pita bread, green leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, and red onion with our tzatziki sauce.

Carved Roasted Meats

Meats roasted for knife and fork. Thicker sliced for a more formal affair served with gravy or sauce. Served with assorted dinner rolls.

Charcoal roasted whole animals with different options on what to do with your roasted beast Served with sandwich buns.

Charcoal Grilled ***

S - Feeds 10-15 │ M - Feeds 20-25 │ L - Feeds 35-40

Grilled Meats

At SpitfireZ we are what you call professional grillers. Professional grillers use only the best to power their grills, Kingsford Charcoal.

Grilled for Buns

All item below are ordered by the piece and include buns. Along with the fixins.


Burgers / Chicken: ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion

Dogs: ketchup, mustard, relish, diced onion

Sausages: sautéed bell peppers & onions

Grilled Squash & Eggplant

    • S - $40 │ M - $65 │ L - $80

Grilled Asparagus

    • S - $45 │ M - $70 │ L - $85

S - Feeds 10-15 │ M - Feeds 20-25 │ L - Feeds 35-40

  • Chicken Marsala

    • S - $75│ M - $100 │ L - $160

  • Chicken Parmesan

    • S - $90 │ M - $125 │ L - $200

  • Chicken Romano

    • S - $75│ M - $100 │ L - $160

  • Eggplant Parmesan

    • S - $75 │ M - $110 │ L - $180

Cold Sides

S - Feeds 10-15 │ M - Feeds 20-25 │ L - Feeds 35-40

S - Feeds 10-15 │ M - Feeds 20-25 │ L - Feeds 35-40


Don't see what you are looking for?

Our talented staff has the experience to prepare just about anything you need, give us an email (info@spitfirez.com) about what your event is looking for.