Thinking Activities

GWEN STEFANI ITINERARY You are Special Events Coordinator for 94.3 The Max radio station. Gwen Stefani is coming to Allan to do a concert and you have to coordinate her stay in town. Your task is to make an itemized itinerary of her 24 hour stay and submit it for her approval. This itinerary MUST include meals, transportation, accommodation, as well as the following:  

spa (2 hr.)  

casino (1-3 hr.)  

yoga (1 hr.)  gym (1 hr.) 

 dog-walking trails (1 – 2 hrs.)  

driving range for golf 

Your itinerary will be submitted to Gwen for her approval. Gwen has never been to Allan before, so you need to not only present your itinerary in a clear manner but you also need to justify your choices.