P 8.1

P8.1 I can demonstrate an understanding of equations using graphs, and table of values.

Unit 6 Linear Equations and Graphing.pdf
Unit 6 - Equations & Graphing Topics 6.1-6.7.pdf

Unit 6 - Equations & Graphing.pdf

Unit 6 Part 1 Linear Equations.pdf

Do not do page 2 or 4. Also, skip going to the links.

Please do the pages listed at the bottom of the assignment.

Cartesian Plane/Coordinate Grid

Before we continue with graphing, you may find it helpful to review how the Cartesian Plane (coordinate grid) works by trying the Whack-a-Mole game on the next page.

Here's a diagram of the coordinate grid.

The coordinates for point A are (3, 4) (right 3, up 4) - Quadrant I

The coordinates for point B are (2, -4) (right 2, down 4) - Quadrant IV

The coordinates for point C are (-3, -2) (left 3, down 2) - Quadrant III

The coordinates for point D are (-2, 2) (left 2, up 2) - Quadrant II

Relationships from Graphs

Look at the ordered pairs and this graph and try to see the relationship between x and y.

(0,2), (1, 4), (2,6), (3,8)

The relationship can be described by comparing the value of x with the value of y.

You should be able to see that every time x increases by 1, y increases by 2.

Because x and y can take fractional values, join the points with a line.

Unit 6-Part 2 Graphing Linear Equations.pdf