What does the word 'disaster' mean?

Create a cover page for the unit. You must include the title of the unit (Disaster!), a hand-draw illustration and your name, date and subject. This must be fully coloured with pencil crayon (no markers!).

Avalanche! (pg. 176)

Vocabulary: Define the following words using your dictionary and write a synonym for each.

1. entombed

2. expedition

3. transceiver

4. ignorance

5. consultant

6. companions

7. fatalities

8. hypothermia

9. beacon

10. cavernous

11. lingering

Questions:(p. 183), 1 a-d.

Earthquakes Rock the World (pg. 184)

By Barbara Saffer

Earthquake Video

Vocabulary: Using your text book define the following words. Use your dictionary only if you are stuck.

  1. plate tectonics

  2. mantle

  3. fault

  4. seismic waves

  5. epicentre

  6. aftershocks

  7. tsunamis

  8. logarithmic

  9. crustal stresses

  10. Richter scale

  11. Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale

Questions: Copy down the following questions and answer using complete sentences.

  1. How fast do the plate tectoncis move?

  1. Approximatley how many earthquakes hit the earth each year?

  1. What causes an earthquake?

  1. Where do most earthquakes occur?

  1. What kinds of secondary damage can earthquakes cause?

  1. Name and describe the two ways earthquakes are measured.

  1. When,where, and how large was the largest earthquake that ever occured?

  1. Where was the largest earthquake of this century in Canada? How big was it? When did it happen?

Canned Catastrophes

Special Effects in Disaster Movies (Pg 191)

By: Jake Hamilton

Vocabulary: Please copy down the following words and write out a definition using your dictionary.

1. catastrophe

2. SFX

3. torrential

4. erupting

5. molten

6. turbulence

7. virtually

8. meticulously

Assignment: Pg. 198, Language Conventions. Please answer the questions and create a list of adjectives as asked.

Every Day is Earth Day

By Steven Pricone (p. 222)

Adverbs: Adverbs are used in many plays (usually in brackets) to describe how the actor should act/ or feel. Use each of the following adverbs to create an interesting sentence. You may use your dictionary to find meanings if you are unsure.

1. sheepishly

2. sharply

3. meekly

4. ironically

5. sarcastically

6. intensely

7. passionately

8. breezily

9. callously

10. dismissively

11. philosophically

12. wistfully

13. flatly

14. haughtily

15. impatiently

16. desperately

17. hoarsely

18. boldly

19. quizzically

20. thoughtfully

Questions: Pg. 233, Section 1: b, c, & d.


You will need to create a short report answering the following questions about tornados:

Where and when are tornadoes most likely to occur?

How are scientists trying to predict them?

What is some of the equipment used to study tornadoes ie what are “storm chasers” using?

How are they rated according to intensity? What is the scale used?