N 8.3

N8.3 I can demonstrate an understanding of ratio and rate.

*This is an extension of N 8.2

Questions to consider:

How might you compare the size of the images mathematically? What measurements would you need to make?

How would it change things if the larger photo was the original and the smaller was a reduction?

What information would you need to know to determine the scale of the photos?

Using graph paper, draw an irregular shape using the graph paper. Then draw an enlargement or a reduction of the shape on the graph paper.

  • How does the size of your second image compare to the first?

  • Is the size comparison between the two drawings the same for all parts of the drawing? Why or why not?

  • What is the best way to express this comparison mathematically? Why?

  • How can you use ratios to express size comparison of enlarged and reduced images?

How many different ratios can you write using these cards?

How many cards of each colour would there be if I tripled the number of cards? Halved the number of cards?

List all ratios (A)

Review Vocabulary and examples to include: (A)

  • two-term ratio (a comparison of two numbers)

  • three-term ratio (a comparison of three numbers)

  • part-to-part ratio (compares different parts of a group to each other)

  • part-to-whole ratio (compares one part of a group to the entire group)

How are these two examples the same? Different?

What common mathematical language can you use for each of these problems?


Nana's chocolate Milk

How I ruined Nana's chocolate milk-video


How can I fix this? How can I make the right mix of chocolate and milk?


2. How many different solutions can you find?

3. The glass won't hold two cups of liquid. How does that affect your solution?


The Sequel-Act 1-How I ruined Nana's eggs

Act 2

Act 3-How I fixed Nana's eggs

The Rope Jumper

Click on the link to take you to the fastest rope jumper

Fastest Rope Jumper

Work in groups of two

How does Lego price it’s kits?

You are to figure out what costs more-look through all of the slides

Go through the Star Wars Lego sets and find the unit rates. Let's find the average unit rate.

Unit Rates - Lego Task.pdf

Working on it at home? Print out page 27!