Unit 2-Heroes

R Quick write Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks infographic

Heroes-Writer's Notebook 1.pdf

Writer's Notebook-Quick Write-Rosa Parks

Nelson Mandela InfoGraphic

Nelson Mandela Biography

Terry Fox Infographic

Terry Fox-Quick write.pdf

Terry Fox Quick WRite

Writer's Notebook-How have you overcome adversity?

Overcome Adversity.pdf

Who was Anne Frank?

Double entry journal.pdf

Martin Luther King Biography

Double entry journal.pdf

Double Entry Journal

Writers notebook poem.pdf

Laura Secord

Double entry journal.pdf

Double Entry Journal

Writers notebook Heroic People from History.pdf

Heroic People from history

Newspaper article research

▪ https://www.biography.com/
▪ https://www.britannica.com/
▪ https://www.biographyonline.net/

Choose a person

Once you find reliable information about your person:
1) Copy and paste the website link on a Word document. Note the date you accessed the website.
2) Copy and paste the information you want from the website onto the same word document.
3) Read through the information and delete any information you won’t need for your news article. 4) Save your document as: News Article Research.

Cornell Note Taker.pdf

Research your person

Remember to use quotes from the websites you visit

News Article Assignment.pdf
Editing and Revising and Final draft.pdf