P 7.1

P 7.1 Understand relationships among patterns, graphs and linear relations.

Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between oral and written patterns, graphs and linear relations.

Indicators for this outcome

(a)Represent a relationship found within an oral or written pattern using a linear relation.

(b)Analyze whether an oral or written pattern is linear in nature.

(c)Provide a context for a linear relation.

(d)Identify a pattern from the environment that is linear in nature and write a linear relation to describe the pattern.

(e)Identify assumptions made when writing a linear relation for a pattern.

(f)Create a table of values for a linear relation by evaluating the relation for different variable values.

(g)Create a table of values using a linear relation and graph the table of values (limited to discrete points).

(h)Sketch the graph from a table of values created for a linear relation and describe the patterns found in the graph.

(i)Describe the relationship shown on a graph using everyday language in spoken or written form.

(j)Analyze a graph in order to draw a conclusion or solve a problem.

(k)Match a set of linear relations to a set of graphs and explain the strategies used.

(l)Match a set of graphs to a set of linear relations and justify the selections made.

(m)Describe a situation which could result in a graph similar to one that is shown.

Practice 1 with answers

Practice 2 with answers

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