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How are eCarUp stations operated?

How do I activate an eCarUp station?

With eCarUp App: 

The simplest way is to open the free eCarUp app (iOS / Android) and scan the QR-code on the charging station. You will see directly see the costs of the station and be able to activate it by the touch of a button. If costs are involved, the charging will be automatically charged on the  credit card registered on your account. 

Without eCarUp App:

Scan the QR-code with your smartphone (camera or QR-code scanner) or enter the QR-Code number on www.ecarup.com/code. This leads you to the instant payment site (webbased), where yo can enter your credit card information ad-hoc and initiate a one-time payment.

Note: When charging without the app via the QR code, eCarUp temporarily blocks CHF 60 on the credit card when charging starts.

The charging will be automatically processed via the credit card deposited in your account after  deactivating the station or deconnecting the charing cable.

How do I start charging?

A station is "Out of Service" or "Inactive


My payment failed, what can I do?

If a payment with the credit card deposited in eCarUp has failed (e.g. because the credit card was blocked or not covered at the time in question), no further charges can be made with this eCarUp account until the outstanding amount has been settled. This is a security function towards the station operators.

You can fix the problem as follows:

Missing receipt?

Why has eCarUp reserved CHF/EUR 60 on my credit card?

Are there any additional costs?

No! There are no credit card fees, subscription or transaction costs. The eCarUp app is free to download. You then pay the prices set by the station owner for the energy (per kWh) and parking time (per hour). The price for a charge therefore depends on the selected charging station, the parking time and the charged energy. At the end of the charging process, we charge the amount due net and automatically to the credit card on file, send a receipt and transfer the money to the station owner.

eCarUp App / Webportal: 

Which smartphones support the eCarUp App?

The eCarUp app basically works on all iOS and Android smartphones. System requirements: iOS 14 or Android 5.0 or newer.

How can I connect an RFID / NFC card to eCarUp?

What is the vehicle ID and how can I use it?

How do I create my driver statistics?

How can I delete my eCarUp account?

Account deletion via the eCarUp app: 

⚠️Attention! Do not do this if you already have a smart-me account with the same name. 

Account deletion in the smart-me web portal: 

Problems and malfunctions:

A charging station is blocking my charging cable. How can I unlock my charging cable?

First of all, although we provide the system for billing and managing the e-charging stations, we do not operate any charging points ourselves. The respective station operators are therefore responsible for troubleshooting their charging stations. This includes unblocking blocked cables.

Our tip: 

What can I do if I can't start charging?

It is necessary that the charging station is online and in operation.

Important: eCarUp AG does not operate any charging stations itself and is therefore not a station owner.


Where do I see that I have been invited to a user group?

If you belong to an invited user group and therefore have special rates at the station, the prices valid for you are automatically displayed in the overview of the station before activation ("Your price"). The station owner makes the setting for this in the eCarUp web portal. You as the driver do not see this setting.

How are the prices of a charging station composed?

eCarUp does not operate any charging points itself. Each station provider determines the prices for energy and time for their charging station(s) themselves. The prices can be seen in the eCarUp app under the station details.

The total price is made up of the energy price (per kWh) and the parking fee (per hour). The price for a specific charge therefore depends on the selected charging station, the time your car is parked and the amount of energy charged. 

What can I do if I damaged a charging station?

According to the Swiss Road Traffic Act, all damages need to be declared to the station owner (SVG 51 I Ziff. 3). If one can’t find the station owner, you need to inform the police. Damages on the charging hardware of any sort are therefore subject to the compulsory coverage of the person responsible for the damages. eCarUp refuses any liability towards damages through third parties.

There may apply country specific legislation in your case. Please consult the local police / administration in order to find out the appropriate procedure.

How are the privacy protection regulations ensured?

Your personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties. Your data will be stored encrypted in our system and can only be retrieved by us with your consent (for instance in case of support). 

Read more about our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy here: AGB and Data Protection