Frequently Asked Questions

Which smartphones support the eCarUp App?

The eCarUp App works on all iOS and Android Smartphones (iOS8 or Android 5.0 or newer).

How do I start charging?

With eCarUp App: The simplest way is to open the free eCarUp app (iOS / Android) and scan the QR-code on the charging station. You will see directly see the costs of the station and be able to activate it by the touch of a button. If costs are involved, the charging will be automatically charged on the credit card registered on your account.

Without eCarUp App: Scan the QR-code with your smartphone (camera or QR-code scanner) or enter the QR-Code number on This leads to the instant payment site (webbased), which allows you to enter your credit card information ad-hoc and initiate a one-time payment.

What Can I do if I can't start charging?

  1. Close the app completely, relaunch it and repeat the acitvate process completely
  2. Ensure that your device has an internet connection. Make sure that the mobile data (settings / mobile data) are activated or connect to a Wi-Fi.
  3. If the mobile data is are already on, try switching it off and on again
  4. Ensure that the station is displayed as "free" in the App (and not reserved)
  5. Contact the station owner. Normally the owner is listed in the description of the station.
  6. Contact eCarUp, the station may be out of order. In this case, the station is marked "out of order" in the app.

How are the prices of a charging station composed?

eCarUp provides the technology to to operate and bill charging stations, but does not operate charing stations.

Accordingly, every charging station provider can chose the prices for energy and parking-time independently. The total price is composed by energy price (per kWh and parking fee (per hour). The price of one charging event is therefore dependent on the chosen charging station, the total parking time and the charged energy.

The prices of each charging station are always displayed in the eCarUp app in the station details.

What costs do I have as a driver when charging at an eCarUp station?


The eCarUp app is available for download free of costs. After that, you only pay for each charging the prices set by the station owner for the energy (per kWh) and parking time (per hour). The price of a charge depends on the chosen charging station, parking time and the charged energy.

At the end of the charging process, we charge the amount due to the registered credit card, send out a receipt per e-mail and automatically transfer the money to the account of the station owner. There apply no further credit card, subscription or transaction fees.

Where do I see that I have been invited to a user group?

If you belong to an invited user group and therefore have special rates at the station, the energy / parking time price valid for your account will automatically be displayed in the in the station details prior to activation ("your price").

What can I do if I damaged a charging station?

According to the Swiss Road Traffic Act, all damages need to be declared to the station owner (SVG 51 I Ziff. 3: „Ist Sachschaden entstanden, so hat der Schädiger sofort den Geschädigten zu benachrichtigen und Namen und Adresse anzugeben. Wenn dies nicht möglich ist, hat er unverzüglich die Polizei zu verständigen.„). If one can’t find the station owner, you need to inform the police. Your liability insurance covers damages you caused. eCarUp refuses any liability towards damages.

There may apply country specific legislation in our case. Please consult the local police / administration in order to find out the appropriate procedure.

How can I delete my profile?

You can’t delete your profile yourself at the moment. Please send an e-mail to with a statement why you want to delete your profile and we will erase vour data completely.

How are the privacy protection regulations ensured?

Personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. Your data will be stored encrypted in our system and can only be retrieved by us with your consent. Read more here: