What is homeopathy?


Homeopathy is a treatment founded by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century.

At that time, the medicines were very strong components and placed a great burden on the body of the person who took them.

Hahnemann, who was studying patient-friendly treatments, tried to prescribe a diluted drug to stimulate the patient and found that it was very effective. The reason is still unknown scientifically, but was clinically obvious. He named the treatment based on this experience homeopathy. Since then, it has been widely spread mainly in Europe, and now spreads all over the world, including India, Africa and South America.


Homeopathy views the human immune system as a vibration. Originally, every person has a different and unique vibration rhythm, and when this is disrupted, it is thought that immunity is reduced and some symptoms appear. The purpose of homeopathy is to adjust the disturbed frequency and restore the normal state.


Substances such as animals, plants and minerals that exist in nature have their own frequencies. Homeopathic prescription is to use these to adjust the vibration rhythm of the abnormal body.

First, water is used to extract the frequency from the material. When a substance is diluted while giving a stimulus, the frequency of the substance shifts to water, and "wave water" is completed. Next, this wave water is absorbed by small sugar balls and the frequency is confined in it. The resulting small sugar balls are called "remedy". Taking this, and resonating the body to the frequency contained therein, adjusts the disturbed vibration rhythm.

There are thousands of different remedies, so it's not easy to choose the right one for you. Taking the wrong one has no effect, so it is necessary to select the correct remedy accurately. Homeopathic therapists, called "homeopaths," play an important role. Through detailed listening, you will take the effective remedy suggested by Homeopath according to your symptoms.

By continuing to take a well selected remedy, the frequency of the disturbed body will gradually adjust, resulting in a normal return of the immune system and improvement of symptoms. The process can take just a few hours or months, so you can continue the procedure with regular homeopath follow-up as needed. The remedy may change as the symptoms progress. Depending on your symptoms, it may be helpful to use homeopathy while continuing with other treatments and prescriptions. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Sytze Enters

Born in the Netherlands in 1952, came to Japan in 1975. Operates a management consulting company.

Worked on yoga and homeopathy for health reasons since the 1990s. Started yoga studio and homeopathy clinic in Gotanda in 2007. Relocated to Izu Kogen in the spring of 2014 and continues to the present.

Sytze's homeopathy is a school called "classical homeopathy", which also uses the theory of the "sensation method" developed by Professor Sankaran of India to prescribe.

Information on rates

One session for 3 months of treatment. We will consider the progress during the initial three months after the first session and select appropriate remedies.

You will be charged 27,000 yen during the first session and this fee will cover three months of treatment. Moist of the time the patient will be cured during these initial three months and no further treatment is required.

If any follow up treatment is required after three months, and additional 9.000 yen will be charged.