Yoga teacher: Sytze


Sytze was born in the Netherlands in 1952 and came to Japan in 1975. He has been in business management for most of his carreer. In 1997 he decided to start practicing yoga for health reasons.

He has trained in Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga yoga and studied yoga therapy. He has taught yoga lessons in various yoga studios around Tokyo since 2002 and started his Gotanda studio in 2007. In 2014 he moved his yoga studio to Izu Kogen and started a yoga retreat and fasting center.

Yoga Concept

For Sytze yoga has become his life style and the practice of the yoga asana poses is just a small part of this. For beginners and intermediate advanced students, the practice of the asanas is a good way to enter the world of yoga and Sytze likes to teach every student at their level.

Tel: 090-9301-6511

Macrobiotic cooking teacher: Sae


Sae and Sytze have been married and life partners since 1976. Sae has been active in the fashion business her whole life.

Sytze`s yoga and fasting workshops made her more and more aware of the influence that food and eating have on our health and well being. This prompted her to study Macrobiotic cooking. She likes to share her love for cooking with everybody by preparing nice meals and by teaching her cooking skills.

Macrobiotic Concept

The concept of Sae's cooking classes is to prepare healthy but most of all delicious food. For her there is no reason why healthy food should be plain or boring.

Tel: 090-5793-5191