Premier Yoga Teacher Training in Brampton, Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Institute of Classical Yoga & Therapy (ICYT) is a traditional/ classical school of yoga. Classical yoga is the most significant of all schools of yoga. ICYT was established about 30 years ago and is currently located in Brampton, Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

ICYT's Mission is helping build healthier lifestyles through integrating physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual well-being; increase in concentration, self-awareness and realizing one's full potential and success in life.


Includes Postures and Yoga Philosophy (on a selected topic), Q&A

Schedule: Once a month, on the SECOND Sunday of every month

Time: 9:30 - 10:30 am

Location: 217 Lockwood Road, Brampton ON

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What is Classical Yoga?

Why Classical Yoga?

Classical Yoga is based on the ancient text of yoga - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It is time tested and was systematized by Maharishi Patanjali about 200B.C.

According to Dr. Jayadeva, The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India - Classical Yoga is an Education, a way of life that promotes Total Health and Well-being - in physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual realms; thus one realizes one's full potential.

Every individual is unique and has one's own development process and pace - this is the base of Classical Yoga.

ICYT educational program includes Hatha yoga (physical aspect) and the four Classical Yogas: Classical yoga (Eight steps of Yoga, also known as Raja yoga (the Royal path), Jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge / wisdom), Karma yoga (yoga of action), Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion). This practical program covers everyone regardless of their overall current physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual state.

"Nowadays everyone talks of yoga. But only a few have the correct concept of yoga in its totality."

In Classical Yoga, we are interested in understanding something more, something deeper, and something that requires our total well-being. This learning is not of an ordinary nature, it requires a complete transformation of the individual; a change in outlook, attitude, lifestyle. It is the essence of life, hence no ordinary learning.

Who does not want to be successful and happy?

Who does not want to be free from disease, suffering and fear?

Who does not want to have control of one's body and mind, health and happiness?

When we talk of success, why narrow it down to wealth and power alone? Does not success include health and happiness? Can there be happiness without peace of mind?