About PTA

Our Mission

  • Education: To improve and enrich the educational, social and individual experiences of our children, teachers and staff;
  • Community: To foster a sense of community and provide funds for programs, resources, and information that benefit the students and staff;
  • Achievement: To share ideas and pursue goals that further enhances the growth of our students, staff and community.

2018-19 Officers and Chairs

President: Aimee Pless, aimeepless@hotmail.com

Vice-President, Outreach and Community Engagement: Salesa Hancock, salesahancock1@gmail.com

Vice President, Education: Sara Miller, saramiller74@gmail.com

Vice President, Communication: Melissa Gutierrez, oddharmonic@gmail.com

Secretary: Kyle Stielow, kylestielow@gmail.com

Treasurer: Jennifer Burtis, jenniferburtis@yahoo.com

8th Grade Continuation:

Advocacy Liaison: Jen Burtis

Beautification: (shared by the Board for 2018-2019)

Box Tops for Education: Melissa Gutierrez

Bulletin Boards: Heather Swegle, heatheress@gmail.com

Business Memberships:

Educator Grants: Beth Bunchman, bethbunchman@gmail.com

Fundraising - Fall Event:

Fundraising - Spring Event:

Grant Writing: Sara Miller

Health and Wellness: Aimee Pless

Helping Hands: Heather Swegle

Honor Roll: Mitzi King

Membership: Christy Seabourne, christy.seabourne@gmail.com

Movie Nights:

Reflections: Heather Swegle

Restaurant Nights: Sarah Lyons, cslyons@q.com

School Dance: Aimee Pless

School Store and Seasonal Sales: Tereasa Burns, tereasaburns@gmail.com; Sherry Fushimi, buffs@wispertel.net; and Suzette Pell, spellregan@yahoo.com

Sign-Up Genius: Beth Bunchman

Social Media: Jen Burtis and Kyle Stielow


Talent Show: Molly Kavanaugh, mkavanau@jeffco.k12.co.us, and Andy Potter, andy@handit2.com

Teacher Appreciation: Val Hennes, valhennes@gmail.com, Christy Seabourne, and Heather Swegle

Teacher Conference Dinners: (under the purview of Teacher Appreciation)

Watch DOGS: Paul Figlia, fpaulwatchdog@gmail.com

Website: Melissa Gutierrez