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From time to time, HAM, FRS and CERT related communications information is posted on this site.  This site is maintained by the SHAMS (the communications steering committee for Walnut Creek CERT), not the City of Walnut Creek. 

• Click Walnut Creek CERT site for non-HAM information on the official city CERT website.  Then click "Emergency Preparedness" on that site (left hand side) for more options (e.g., to determine your CERT Area, activities, etc.).
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"HAM CRAM" - HAM Radio License & Training Classes Registration
Click this link Course Information and Registration for information about the next
"CERT Ham Radio Licensing (HAM Cram) and Training Classes".

WC CERT HAMs Database Registration
We encourage you to share your personal contact information and/or access the contact information of other people in your CERT Area or other HAMs.  To do so, you need to register in this website's database.  You only need to register once.  Click Registration

HAMS Practice Radio Net

Click Net Check-in Info  for information about regularly scheduled WC CERT practice radio nets.

Public Service Events
The Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) posts local events that request assistance from HAM radio operators.  Visit  http://www.mdarc.org/  and click the "Public Service" button under the picture of Mt.Diablo.

Access Databases

Click CERT Area Databases to access CERT Area databases, including WC CERT HAMS and CERO.

• Please contact The Webmaster if you have any questions or concerns including problems with information or site functionality; to post information to share with everyone; questions about your radio; etc.

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