Let us make fun music, everybody,

Music you can dance and sing along,

Let us laugh and cheer, everybody,

Grab my hand and come along.


Listen to the music, it's here and there,

Hear the birds, the chipmunks or rain drops,

People dance and sing without a care,

Join in fun which never stops.

Let your feet compose simple music,

You can skip up , down, or freeze in place,

Add your smiles and laughter to your music,

We will join you, let us race.

Will you ride the puffy clouds, my buddy,.

Joining Joe, the Fairy and his dog,

We will have adventure - that's our study,

Hold my hand and hop and jog..

Let us join our hands and dream together,

Of kind elves, fun gnomes and fairies,

Let us laugh and cheer, all together

Welcome friends, join fairies...

Copyright (C) 2009 Eugeniya Bentsman-Hilzinger