Club instructors teach new students to fly using a "buddy "box" system.

Using a computer simulation program to practice is highly recommended

Thoughtful club members watch as new students learn to fly

Occasional bumps in the road while learning to fly.

Some of the recommended "trainer" planes for new pilots.

Members fly many vintage aircraft

There are a large variety of R/C aircraft flown at the field

Several members fly FPV (First Person View) using goggles to view camera images from the plane to fly the aircraft 

There are also a number of extremely creative aircraft

Club members host several exhibits and summer camp training programs throughout the year

Expert instructors teach classes on many subjects including glue, model repair, electric engines, and aerobatics.

E-Flyers donated over 1200 quarters to the Mile of Quarters fund raising for Cornerstone Hospice in honor and memory of club member Don Hardy

This is our club mascot "Bennie"