The port to QtCreator for version 2.0 has simplified the task of internationalization. Translations for French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, and Russian are already included in the file's 'translations' folder. Translation files for new languages, and translated help files, will be posted here for download. You need only add the desired translation file found in the download list below to the 'translations' folder which resides in the directory where you unpacked UnoArduSim.exe. I will add new translation files as users volunteer to help me with the translations of keywords and phrases that I will need (as described below)

I have now automated the translation process somewhat. QtCreator's translation support tool provides an XML file for all phrases needing translation inside UnoArduSim.exe. I extract a list of over 1000 text strings from that. For the Help files, I extract all the text needing translntions from the XML tree that represents the Help file in OpenOffice Writer. Before feeding the raw English text into Google Translate, I first use a custom executable tool to replace all keywords and key phrases (there is a core list of about 100) with numerically-indexed placeholders (that will survive Google translation intact). After Google translation into the target language, I do post-processing to replace all the placeholders with the appropriate translated word or phrase. I then use a QTCreator tool to create the needed *.qm file that is used by UnoArudSim,exe to do the translation, and I re-insert the translated Help file text back into the Help files XML tree (which preserves all original formatting). This process works well enough, but the keyword/phrase replacements result in a few unavoidable (but minor) grammatical glitches which I hope you can ignore.

What I need most to add a new translation (other than time) is someone to volunteer to provide the translations for the 100 or so keywords and phrases. Although some users have previously offered to correct the over 1000 translated strings that get used by UnoArduSim.exe, and to fix the Help file grammar, that is a big editing job, and no one has managed to finish that task yet. I intend to use my semi-automated process from scratch on each new release, so future releases will contain uncorrected grammar again.

If you were already working on corrections, or are willing to put the effort into checking and correcting the results from Google Translate, I will post regenerated *.qm files, or your your corrected Help file, on this page so users may download them (and so use them in place of the ones contained in the zip file for the release version). Your corrected file will necessarily be version-specific, as every new version will introduce some new strings and will re-introduce old grammar glitches. I'm afraid it is too much work to try to incorporate old corrections into new releases.

To volunteer to assist with a new translation (which would be released to all users), email me at , and I will send you the necessary file containing the keywprds and key phrases needing translation. You must be willing to share your translations with all other users.

Stan Simmons

tan Simmons